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Today’s advanced technology makes it simpler and more cost-effective than ever for facilities of all sizes to generate electricity on-site, which can bring new levels of efficiency and control while providing reliable cost savings and, in some cases, opening new revenue streams.

On-site generation from renewable or low-carbon sources can shrink a facility’s carbon footprint, often producing benefits in the form of regulatory compliance or clean energy credits in addition to reducing your organization’s contribution to climate change.


Solar technology future-proofs buildings against volatile energy prices and minimizes energy costs in the long term. These systems are designed to provide power coincident with the energy needs of your building while reducing exposure to utility demand charges caused by peak electricity usage on the grid.


Energy storage solutions can further reduce energy costs by leveraging low cost electricity from solar generation or off-peak grid power to meet your building’s energy needs. This technology can generate economic benefits by selling services to the local utility or providing uninterruptable power to keep your business operational during a grid outage. 

Our team will use our extensive market expertise to stack multiple revenue streams to maximize system ROI and take advantage of incentive programs that minimize capital expenditure.

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Our Contact Numbers Are:
Bradford Pharmacy: +263 77 440 7223.

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